Thursday, November 17, 2011

Miss Joy Provides a Pizza Party for the Conclusion of the Art, Music, Architecture and Math Teen Art Education at Van Asselt Community Center

And The Winner Is... Judging The Design Entries

In class design competition.

Criteria for judgment:
Utilizing the principles of design, highlighting repetitive patterning in surface treatment or form.

Laurie Allison Wilson Demonstrates How To Talk About Art

Creating Models for Design Competition

In class design competition

Create a model for a piece that could be fabricated on a large scale that utilizes the elements of design, emphasizing repetitive patterning in the form.

Community Art Project for Van Asselt Teen Room


Create an  "Art Frame" for window overlooking basketball court in teen room at Van Asselt Community Center.

Theme (decided during Youth Violence Week):

"I Have The Right To Be Safe"